Harrod 3G Aluminium Portagoals (Premier League Training Academy Goal)

by Harrod UK

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Harrod UK's 3G Aluminium Portagoals (As used at most Premier League Training Academies). Supplied in pairs. Portagoal Flip-over Wheels available separately.
All indepenently tested to BS EN 748:2004 OR BS 8462:2005. 6 x 17kg weights required per goal.


Counterbalance Anchors will incur an extra carriage charge which we will advise before processing your order. Alternatively, contact us in advance for a quotation.


102mm x 112mm x 2.2mm thick reinforced aluminium
International net supports & horizontal crossbar braces manufactured from 31.8mm dia. x 1.5mm thick galvanised steel
Welded crossbar/upright corner joints provide added strength and aesthetic appearance
Complete with 100 unique lock-on synthetic net hooks, stainless steel bolts and four 'U' peg grass anchors
Portagoal Flip-over Wheels. Once wheels are engaged goals can be safely moved by four adults. Sold per set of 8 wheels. 260mm diameter cellular rubber wheels complete with zinc plated steel bracket that bolts to bottom side bar. Cellular rubber wheels are puncture proof and do not require inflating. Extra wide tyre for better weight distribution. Handle to aid the engaging of the wheels before the goal is moved.
Counterbalance Anchor. The 3G Aluminium Portagoals are supplied complete with 4 'U' Peg Anchors. If counterbalance anchors are required (for example, for use on synthetic surfaces), 6 anchors are required per goal. 17kg 'handbag' style weight complete with 3 link galvanised chain, carbine clip and ā€˜Uā€™ type bracket. Nut and bolt included for use with aluminium goals.


Item Pack RRP Online Price Qty
FBL-600 - Harrod UK 3G Aluminium SENIOR Portagoal, 148kg 7.32m x 2.44m, per Pair Pair £0.00 £2,097.37
FBL-084 - Harrod UK 3G Aluminium JUNIOR Portagoal, 128kg 6.4m x 2.13m, per Pair Pair £0.00 £2,004.59
FBL-215 - Harrod UK 3G Aluminium MINI SOCCER Portagoal, 126kg 4.88m x 1.83m, per Pair Pair £0.00 £1,891.32
FBL-210 - Harrod UK 3G Aluminium MINI SOCCER Portagoal, 120kg 3.66m x 1.83m, per Pair Pair £0.00 £1,751.12