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Football Flick Urban.

Football Flick Urban is a 3 Dimensional multi user football skills trainer. It has been designed to enable single players or multiple players to pass footballs into either ramp and receive the ball back at different heights, speeds and angles, testing their skills, precision and accuracy in ball control, ball juggling or volleying the ball into a net. The Football Flick Urban unit is contemporary in design with sleek lines and urban appeal.


The 3 elements of the Football Flick Urban all offer very different player experiences. Firstly there is the Front Ramp which is formed in a smooth curved arc that can be adjusted to change the trajectory or degree of variation in the returned pass. Secondly, the Rear Ramp of the Football Flick has an angled flat rebound surface which gives a variable flight of the returned pass. The final element is a Net in the middle of the frame which is designed to be used as a passing target with the player making a pass into either ramp surface and then controlling the returned pass into the central net.

Football Flick Urban can be used for Serious Play, providing endless fun in trying out new skills, creating a new move or using the net as target practice. For those who wish to Play Serious it can be used as a training device that will improve control, touch and volleying technique. As well as using the net as a passing target, the returned ball can be controlled and passed towards other garden, street or yard objects such as goals, wheelie bins, cones, plant pots or buckets - Imagination is the only Limitation with the Football Flick Urban!

Special Offer: Free UK Mainland Delivery on the Football Flick Urban at Clubline Football.


Free Carry Bag included.
Set up the Football Flick Urban in 60 seconds.
Collapsible for easy portability.
Dimensions in use: 137cms (L) x 74cms (W) x 72cms (H).
Dimensions collapsed: 110cms (L) x 74cms (W) x 7cms (H).
Football Flick Urban Free Delivery Offer applies to UK Mainland only, although the standard delivery charge will still be deducted from your delivery for other destinations.

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