Kickster Spot Rebounder 7ft x 7ft Training System

by Quickplay Kickster

from £75.00

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Kickster Spot Rebounder 7ft x 7ft Multi Sport Training System.

Check out the Kickster 7x7 Spot Rebounder at Clubline Football, a new rebound training system thats fun and functional.

The Kickster Spot Rebounder from Quickplay Sports is an innovative, portable rebound training system. As the quick play name suggests, Kickster Spot Rebounders are fast to set up and put away. The Kickster 7ft by 7ft rebounder is an excellent example, being ready for action or back in the bag in 2 minutes.


The Kickster Spot Rebounder training system selection has some unique attractions. The 7x7 rebounder can be assembled without instructions and the speed of use is a real draw. The poles of the 7 x 7 multi sport rebounder are already attached with elastic cord (kind of like a tent) which stops you losing bits and makes assembly quicker. Save time setting up to use for extra practice or a few more minutes fun and games with Kickster rebounders.

The Kickster 7ft x 7ft rebound system is constructed from steel and fibre glass to ensure durability. The rebounder still manages to be mobile and light weight, packing into a small and easily carried bag. The Spot Rebounder features a patented tension tight system and also an adjustable angle, soft pass concept.

Versatile, innovative and great value, the Kickster 7ft by 7ft multi sport spot rebounder is worthy of serious consideration if you want a portable training aid that is great for training to hone those skills or simply as an entertaining recreation that combines fun and fitness.


Small and lightweight for transport and storage.
Simple and quick to assemble.
Resilient and flexible design.
Shape can deform and immediately return.
Durable, easy open carry bag with shoulder strap.
Tested to British Standards BS EN71.
Pack Size: 95cm x 18cm x 13.5cm.
Size in use: H 213cm L 213cm D 75cm (7ft x 7ft).
Weight: 6kg.

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