Mitre Futsal Tempest

by Mitre

from £10.00

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Mitre Futsal Tempest.

The Mitre Futsal Tempest football is a great choice for Futsal and great value at Clubline Football.

Mitre Futsal Tempest balls are, like the name implies, especially designed for Futsal. The Mitre Tempest is suitable for training level use and features a durable, high abrasion outer shell and can be utilised on most Futsal playing surfaces.


The Mitre Futsal Tempest performs well with its filled bladder giving the ball excellent flight characteristics. Up to 30% reduced rebound also ensures that the Tempest delivers the type of game you want.

All in all, we think the Mitre Tempest Futsal football is a specialist ball that fulfills its purpose admirably and provides exceptional value for money.


32 panel.
Available in size 4.

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085659 - Mitre Futsal Tempest Ball Size 4 Each £14.00 £10.00