Mitre Pro Max Deal - 5 Footballs and Ball Tube

by Mitre

from £148.50

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5 Mitre Pro Max Match Balls and Central mesh panel Ball tube. 

This Mitre Pro Max football multibuy offers your team excellent value. 5 Mitre Pro Max footballs and a handy central ball carrier at a great price. The Mitre Pro Max is a professional quality ball of very high standard. Approved by Fifa, the Pro Max is a serious football.


Pro Max balls are constructed from high performance PU and feature Mitre 26 panel design for enhanced shape retention. They deliver performance on grass or astro. The Mitre Promax also has Mitre Maxloc3 air retention system for durability and performance. Suitable for match play, with good wear characrteristics, Pro Max footballs are top quality and the deal here is a winner.

Product Documents

Mitre Pro Max Surface Guide - click to download


5 x Mitre Promax Balls.
1 Central Ball Tube.
Size 5.



Mitre PRO MAX Footballs
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7085001PK5B - 5 Mitre Pro Max Footballs and Bag - Size 5 Pack £235.75 £148.50