Mitre Super Dimple

Mitre Super Dimple.

The Mitre Super Dimple has stunning new looks to match its hard won reputation as the premier moulded football.

Mitre Super Dimple balls have a host of attributes that elevate their status in the footballing world. Reliable, durable, orginal, the Mitre Super Dimple offers a rubber training football of high quality and genuine value for money.

The Super Dimple is pretty universal in use; all weather and inside or out, this low impact football is at home on any surface.

Versatile, affordable, tough, and fantastic graphics, the Mitre Super Dimple is a super football!

  • Mitre Super Dimple Specifications
  • 32 Panel.
  • Highly reliable.
  • Low impact emboss.
  • Hard wearing, moulded rubber.
  • Fitted with a high air retention butyl bladder.
  • Available in sizes 4 and 5
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Add this product to your favourites   085096 - Mitre Super Dimple - Size 5 Each
Add this product to your favourites   085097 - Mitre Super Dimple - Size 4 Each
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