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Browse Samba goals at Clubline Football. We have an extensive range of Samba goal posts at very attractive discount prices. Samba goals are recognised as the premier uPVC, portable goalpost in the UK and Samba goals are used in football at every level of the game. Samba goals are incredibly versatile, extremely resilient and truly affordable. This mix of reliability and value for money, makes Samba goals an ideal choice of soccer goal for a range of uses. There is a Samba football goal for every situation.

Samba Match goals offer outstanding performance and are used by football clubs, schools and of course as home goals. Samba training goals offer superb value and the Samba Fun goals are a fantastic garden goal option. Samba goals also come in locking and non locking versions. Samba locking goals have a button system which locks the goal joints into place. Samba non locking goals incorporate a simple slide connection for the post fixing.

Check out our Samba Goals Guide at the bottom of the page to help make your decision.

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All Samba goals come with a 12 month guarantee as standard.

The Samba Match goals range are suitable for league use and are tested to BS 8462:2005. These Samba goals have extended run backs, a roof to the net and ground anchors positions marked on the tubes of the goals. All Samba match goals incorporate the Samba goals locking system.

The Samba training goals range are made for soccer training and recreational football games. Most of these Samba goals have lock and nonlock versions.

The Samba fun goals range are again made for training and recreational purposes. These Samba goals do not include the lock arrangement and are made from recycled UPVC.

Which of the Samba Goals is Best for Me?
There is a wide selection of Samba Goals at Clubline Football and we’re here to help you to buy the perfect Samba goal posts for your circumstances. There are a few things to consider and two really key questions. Who is going to play with the goal? And where are you putting your Samba goals?

How Do I Choose the Right Size Samba Goals?
An obvious and important question. Samba goals come in a variety of sizes so there’s a goal that’s ideal for you.

Soccer training schools, football clubs and academies often choose Samba goals for age requirements and need a range of goal sizes. A Samba match goal, Samba multi goal, Samba 16 x 7 and Samba 12 x 6 goal are all popular choices but by no means exclusive.

Samba Goals for the Home.
Buying Samba goals for domestic use is a different proposition. Have a close look at where you’re playing. Decide which Samba goals you like best. And then measure out the dimensions of that Samba goal or goals in your garden to be certain the goal is just right for you.

All of the Samba goals mentioned above are used at home. The trick for home goals is balancing age with space. Samba 5 x 4 goals are ideal for small gardens and for little ones (adults love them as well as the writer can testify). Bigger Samba goals need more room to be enjoyed. For example a Samba 12ft by 6ft goal would sit in a space of at least 5 x the 12ft width.

All Samba goals benefit from room so allow enough surrounding ground area to get the most from the product.

How Do I Pick the Right Level Samba Goals for Me?
Samba Match goals, Samba Training goals or the Samba Fun goal. There are plenty of Samba goalposts from which to choose. Consider the age of the user. A younger child may feel dwarfed by a larger Samba goal, for example Samba 12x6 goal or Samba 16x7 and it may make scoring easy and give the goalkeeper little chance of saving shots. A smaller Samba goal, Samba 5x4, Samba 6x4, Samba 8x4 or Samba 8x6 will present a greater challenge for older soccer players because the target area is proportionately smaller in relation to the keeper. And if you want added versatility, Samba multi goals offer the choice of different sizes when you buy just one goal.

Samba Locking Goals and Samba Non Locking Goals.
The lock refers to the way in which the parts of the goal post are joined together. Both Samba locking and non locking goals are straightforward to assemble. A Samba locking goal offers added stability because the spring loaded button locks the posts together. So the goal is easier to move in one piece and more resistant to those fearsome drives. However, it may be that a Samba non locking goal is perfect for your purposes.

Samba goals size options.
Samba goals are available buy online at Clubline include these sizes:
Samba 16 by 7 goals.
Samba 12 by 6 goals.
Samba 12 by 4 goals.
Samba 2m by 3m goals.
Samba 8 by 6 goals.
Samba 8 by 4 goals.
Samba 6 by 4 goals.
Samba 5 by 4 goals.
Samba Multi (12 by 6 and 8 by 6) goals.
Samba Multl (16 by 7, 16 by 6, 12 by 6, 8 by 6, 8 by 4) goals

Samba goals delivery.
Samba goals follow our standard delivery schedule for stocked items. In the event of a Samba goal not being in stock, your order will be despatched direct from the manufacturer which can add a couple of days to the lead time.

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